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"The audience is taken on a clever, sweet and imaginative journey." -New York Theater Now

"A gorgeous presentation of the American pioneer narrative using physical theatre and an earthy prairie palette." -Edmonton Journal

"I laughed and I cried. This is a show you cannot miss." -Twin Cities Geek

"From its delightful introduction to its rousing and heartwarming climax, this is minimalist theater at its absolute finest." -Nuvo Indianapolis

WINNER of the Frigid New York Festival Favorite and Cincinnati Fringe Artists' Pick Awards, Petunia and Chicken is a two person epic prairie love story inspired by the works of beloved Midwestern author Willa Cather.

Petunia, an indomitable immigrant girl determined to tame the wild land around her, meets Chicken, a right smart boy with dreams of great adventures.  As the joys of their youth give way to the harsh realities of adulthood, they struggle to stay together.  Sprawling fields of wheat, bustling train stations, rain-soaked kisses, wind-blown hair, and the rest of Petunia and Chicken’s world are brought to life with imagination, movement, and song.

Petunia and Chicken is created and performed by Animal Engine Co-Artistic Directors Carrie Brown and Karim Muasher, with direction from frequent collaborator Melinda Jean Ferraraccio.  It plays for a limited run of just 5 performances as part of the Capital Fringe Festival this July.

July 7 - 31: Capital Fringe Festival
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on tour: Darlings

"Physical devised theater at its best ... thoughtfully created and brilliantly executed." -Watermark Orlando

"Audience members will never again look at the Peter Pan story in quite the same way." -Cincinnati CityBeat (CRITIC'S PICK!)

"Brown and Muasher are fabulously disciplined performers. Every move, every twist, every phrase is meticulously presented. The impact is surprisingly profound." -Cincinnati Enquirer

A re-imagining of “Peter Pan” told from the perspective of the Darlings, two parents struggling with the loss of their children. They search for them by day and tell stories about a place called Neverland by night ... where the mermaids will drown you, the pirates might kill you, and you can’t trust the charming little boy with the impish smile.  A dark and dangerous fairy tale for adults.

Darlings is created and performed by Animal Engine Co-Artistic Directors Carrie Brown and Karim Muasher in collaboration with Katie Hartman and Nick Ryan of the Coldharts, with direction from Melinda Jean Ferraraccio.

May 18 - 30: Orlando Fringe Festival

May 31 - June 11: Cincinnati Fringe Festival

July 26 - 30: Providence Fringe Festival
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August 4 - 14: Minnesota Fringe Festival
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