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Currently booking:

Henrietta Solway

Inspired by the short fiction and serialized novels of Willa Cather; a story of small towns, big cities, and restless passion.

“Cather’s characters are timelessly portrayed in a way that feels fresh.”
-National Willa Cather Center


Peter Pan, from the perspective of Mr. and Mrs. Darling, two parents struggling with the loss of their children.

“This polished, highly intelligent, desperately sad show will linger with you.” 
-Minneapolis City Pages

Petunia and Chicken

A two person turn of the century epic prairie love story inspired by the works of author Willa Cather, told with just a hat and a scarf.

“A gorgeous presentation of the American pioneer narrative using physical theatre.”
-Edmonton Journal

Previous productions:

The Mountains Did Quake, The Hillsides Did Tremble

The Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest story ever known, reimagined as a tool of rebellion in an authoritarian society.

“Brown and Muasher are top-shelf storytellers, able to guide an audience along a journey from belly laughs, to thoughtful introspection, and even to fear. Using a minimalist set and shadow puppetry, Animal Engine creates worlds within worlds within worlds”
-CityBeat Cincinnati

Dog Show

A French farce told by dogs. A retelling of Georges Feydeau’s “Le Dindon.”

“If Feydeau were around to witness Dog Show, he would never have written for mere humans again. Satire is much more fun doggie style!”
-NY Theatre Review

Age of the Android

An immersive adventure about Thomas Edison’s greatest (and unknown) invention, told from three different perspectives.

“Karim Muasher’s direction orchestrates the orbits of incident and interplay of identities and contrasts of perspective masterfully.”

The Vindlevoss Family Circus Spectacular

A reformed zombie and a mustachioed anthropologist must put on a entire circus to discover what it means to be truly human.

“A hilarious mix of clowning, pantomime, puppetry, and delicious absurdity!”
-East Village Arts