2016 Press

“You wouldn’t think anything new could be said about or done with Peter Pan, a story that’s been adapted a million times, but they managed to find a completely new story to tell. And now I’ll never think of Peter Pan the same way again.”
-Cherry and Spoon / August 14, 2016

“Being familiar with their work, I was expecting a daring physical performance from both actors. What I was not expecting was how deliciously dark the show was going to be as Brown and Muasher have taken their idea (which, in the wrong hands could be seen as bad fan-fiction) and turned it into a searing portrait of a couple disintegrating before our own eyes (more in line with Edward Albee than J. M. Barrie). An absolute gut-punch of a show.”
-L’Etoile Magazine / August 12, 2016

“This polished, highly intelligent, desperately sad show will linger with you.”
-Minneapolis City Pages / August 10, 2016

“Dark, imaginative and well-acted, evocatively employing simple props, by the end of this retelling of ‘Peter Pan’ for grown ups, no one is clapping to save Tinker Bell.”
-Twin Cities Pioneer Press / August 7, 2016

“The storytelling is nimble and playful, yet it also has a satisfyingly wide arc. The actors get full marks for sharply and swiftly etching so many characters; every person, animal or thing is crystal clear. This show will be hard to beat for a one-two punch of lightly worn skill and charm.”
-The Washington Post / July 8, 2016

“Come to Petunia and Chicken prepared to laugh, to cry, to open your imagination and your heart because this is a heartfelt and charming gem that will delight theatre goers of all ages.”
-DC Metro Theater Arts / July 7, 2016

“Brown and Muasher are fabulously disciplined performers. Every move, every twist, every phrase is meticulously presented. The impact is surprisingly profound.”
-Cincinnati Enquirer / June 3, 2016

“Audience members will never again look at the Peter Pan story in quite the same way.”
-Cincinnati CityBeat / June 2, 2016

“Physical devised theater at its best … thoughtfully created and brilliantly executed.”
-Orlando Watermark / May 20, 2016

2015  Press

“A gorgeous presentation of the American pioneer narrative using physical theatre and an earthy prairie palette.”
-Edmonton Journal / August 23, 2015

“Clever physicalization and heartwarming storytelling combine to create a fantastical world brimming with vibrant characters.”
-Vue Weekly / August 16, 2015

“A truly spellbinding experience!”
-L’Etoile Magazine / August 5, 2015

“Brown and Muasher manage to craft a dozen distinct characters and settings, including a tent, a train, tall grass, a cat, children, and the elderly. I laughed and I cried. This is a show you cannot miss.”
-Twin Cities Geek / August 4, 2015

“A beautiful story beautifully and inventively told with physicality, music, heart, and humor.”
-Cherry and Spoon / August 1, 2015

“The script is laugh-out-loud funny.”
-Behind the Curtain Cincinnati / May 30, 2015

“If Feydeau were around to witness Dog Show, he would never have written for mere humans again. Satire is much more fun doggie style!”
-NY Theatre Review / February 22, 2015

“It’s as absurd as it sounds … the stage seems surprisingly empty when the dogs revert to dogs.”
-Culture Catch / February 20, 2015

2014 Press

“From its delightful introduction to its rousing and heartwarming climax, this is minimalist theater at its absolute finest.”
-Nuvo Indianapolis / August 20, 2014

“This unusual production has a sweet sentimentality without being cloying … You’ll smile when you leave the theater.”
-Jay Harvey Upstage / August 20, 2014

“Getting up on stage and portraying one character in a Fringe performance is challenging, portraying five and doing it well is amazing.”
-Indy Fringe Talk / August 17, 2014

-Winnipeg Free Press / July 19, 2014

“In less than 90 minutes, the range of emotions  evoked feels true to a lifelong epic.”
-East Village Arts / March 6, 2014

“A tale of love from Willa Cather gets an imaginative retelling … This is not a show that lacks for ingenuity.”
-Theatre Is Easy / February 28, 2014

“The audience is taken on a clever, sweet and imaginative journey.”
-NY Theater Now / February 27, 2014

“It is a feat of storytelling using old-fashioned physicality and imagination.”
-Maxamoo / February 25, 2014

2013 Press

“Absolutely silly and wonderful.”
-Minnesota Public Radio News / August 3, 2013

“Charming, clever, imaginative and mesmerizing … one of my favorites of all fringe shows I’ve ever seen.”
-Behind the Curtain Cincinnati / June 4, 2013

“This is an exquisite show … damn fine theater.” *Critic’s Pick*
-Cincinnati CityBeat / June 3, 2013

“A hilarious mix of clowning, pantomime, puppetry, and delicious absurdity.”
-East Village Arts / March 4, 2013

“Their failures, from the fallen highwire walker to the devoured lion tamer, prove to be absolutely hysterical.”
-Nytheatre.com / February 23, 2013

2012 Press

“The triple story line at first seems like a stunt but soon sparks great intrigue in what machinations we might be missing, and reveals rich shades of motivation when you stay for more than one, as we all were invited to the night I attended. What you learn about what each character plans and why they do what they do tells much about the layers we build around all our personalities, and the levels that open up around past events when returned to with fresh eyes … The cast co-creates their roles and reactions with 100 percent sincerity and spark; and Karim Muasher’s direction orchestrates the orbits of incident and interplay of identities and contrasts of perspective masterfully.”
-Tor.com / December 19, 2012

2011 Press

“A pleasant road-tested little package of offbeat clowning with just a touch of poignancy.”
-DCist / July 14, 2011

“Creates big smiles and laughs that will leave you itching for more!”
-MD Theatre Guide / July 14, 2011

“The ambiance of the big top, ridiculous zombie stomp-rhythms, broccoli and gold stretch pants distinguish a show full of family memories and family tragedies told by a peculiar professor and her bald and bucktoothed zombie.”
-Washington City Paper / July 9, 2011

“An imaginative, quirky and knee-slapping funny parody of ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ in the guise of an anthropological lecture and demonstration of the power of the human soul.”
-Cincinnati Examiner / June 4, 2011