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A two person turn of the century epic prairie love story.

Inspired by the works of Willa Cather
Written and performed by Carrie Brown and Karim Muasher
Music by Natalia Steinbach
Directed by Melinda Jean Ferraraccio

Inspired by the writings of Midwestern author Willa Cather, two daring performers create an epic story of love and loss as big as the prairie itself. Petunia, an indomitable immigrant girl determined to tame the wild land around her, meets Chicken, a right smart boy with dreams of great adventures. As the joys of their youth give way to the harsh realities of adulthood, they struggle to stay together. Sprawling fields of wheat, bustling train stations, rain-soaked kisses, wind-blown hair, and the rest of Petunia and Chicken’s world are brought to life with just a hat, a scarf, and song.

“On a bare stage, with the use of a few objects including a brown bowler hat, a red shawl and a couple of spoons, the audience is taken on a clever, sweet and imaginative journey.

—Joan Kane, NY Theater Now

“Weaving together three classic novels by Americana author Willa Cather, Animal Engine’s sole members Karim Muasher and Carrie Brown prove themselves as masterful storytellers.

—Erica Reich, East Village Arts

“The storytelling is nimble and playful, yet it also has a satisfyingly wide arc. The actors get full marks for sharply and swiftly etching so many characters; every person, animal or thing is crystal clear. This show will be hard to beat.

—Nelson Pressley, Washington Post

A gorgeous presentation of the American pioneer narrative using physical theatre and an earthy prairie palette.”

—Elizabeth Withey, Edmonton Journal

“At the end of the show, you feel good. You are happy and hopeful. You know you are in the presence of love. As well as great theater.

—Joe Gorman, Cincinnati City Beat (Critic’s Pick!)

“The two characters (as well as several others) are played with exquisite timing by real-life married couple Carrie Brown and Karim Muasher, who also act as each other’s props and sound effects throughout. From its delightful introduction to its rousing and heartwarming climax, this is minimalist theater at its absolute finest.

-Editors, nuvo Indianapolis