School shows

Animal Engine regularly tours its Willa Cather inspired prairie love story “Petunia and Chicken” to middle schools and high schools.  The show is accompanied by free workshops in theatre creation and the works of Willa Cather. Students are encouraged to think both imaginatively and critically about art, their lives, and their community. More information here.


Animal Engine teaches a variety of workshops to inspire artists of all types to create the theatre of the future. Some of the workshops:

WE ONLY HAVE A HAT: Telling Stories With Movement and Objects
How do you create theatre with little more than the clothes on your back? In this movement workshop based on the teachings of French theatre pedagogue Jacques Lecoq, we explore how to create vast and dynamic worlds and the characters in them through object manipulation and physicality.

CANVAS TO STAGE: Exploring the Theatricality of Paintings
In this workshop we explore the fun and unconventional method of creating theatre and characters through paintings.  Inspiration can be found in everything from the literal and lifelike paintings of Norman Rockwell to the abstract expressionist works of Jackson Pollock.

I FEEL LIKE TORN PAPER: Finding Emotional Truth in Ordinary Materials
How do you express deep and complex feelings in unique and exciting ways? Learn how to embody the drama of ordinary materials to achieve emotional heights.

SOMETHING FROM NOTHING: Devising Original Work
How does the creative act occur?  From the first idea to the final performance, this workshop explores the nuts and bolts of how to create original theatre in a collaborative setting.