“From its delightful introduction to its rousing and heartwarming climax, this is minimalist theater at its absolute finest.

—Nuvo Indianapolis

“It was the spoon!”

Booking Information

Petunia & Chicken is a production of Animal Engine Theatre Company.  The show is currently accepting bookings for February – April 2017.

AUDIENCE: Can be performed for a group of up to 500 (schools) or 800 (theatres).

AGE GROUP: A family friendly show, recommended for ages 10-99.  Great for both middle and high school students.

LENGTH: 55 minutes long + a complimentary 5 minute post-performance Q&A session.

WORKSHOPS: 2 hour long workshops (maximum 50 participants) on Willa Cather and Theatre Creation are included for FREE.  The Theatre workshop deals with creative thinking and problem solving through performance.  The Willa Cather workshop consists of a roundtable discussion on the themes in Cather’s writing, as well as a series of imaginative creative writing exercises.  Learn more about our workshops here

For more information about booking the show please contact Co-Artistic Director Karim Muasher at karim@animalengine.com

Pricing Information

PRICING: Our prices vary based on your location, so it best to contact us at karim@animalengine.com. However our discounts do not vary and we’re happy to provide that information below!

DISCOUNT #1 (SCHEDULING): September and January are typically light on bookings, since they are right at the start of the school year and after the winter break.  Book a performance and workshop in either those months and you’ll get a $100 discount.

DISCOUNT #2 (BLOCK BOOKING): By performing at two schools close to each other on the same day, we’re able to save money and then pass that discount on to you.  Coordinate another school, and each school will receive a $100 discount for block booking.

“Some memories are realities, and are better than anything that can ever happen again.”

-Willa Cather

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