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Dog Show



What do dogs do when their masters leave? Put on a French farce! Quick entrances, mistaken identities, and love triangles collide with panting, sniffing, and lots of leg humping in this unusual and saucy comedy! Inspired by the plays of Georges Feydeau and the behaviors of Man’s best friend, Dog Show is a knee slapping love letter to the joys of unleashing your inner animal.

This new work is directed by Animal Engine Co-Artistic Director Karim Muasher and devised by an ensemble of 5 daring performers.

"Dog Show" was first workshopped at the 2014 Cincinnati Fringe Festival, then at a development residency with Horse Trade Theater Group. 

Created by the ensemble

Directed by Karim Muasher

Loosely based on "Sauce for the Goose" by Georges Feydeau

"If Feydeau were around to witness Dog Show, he would never have written for mere humans again.  Satire is much more fun doggie style!"

-Jane Dentinger, NY Theatre Review

"It’s as absurd as it sounds ... the stage seems surprisingly empty when the dogs revert to dogs."

-Leah Richards, Culture Catch

"The concept is clever. The script is laugh-out-loud funny."

-Rob Bucher, Behind the Curtain Cincinnati

February 19 - March 7 Frigid New York Festival / New York, NY

May 26 - June 6 Cincinnati Fringe Festival / Cincinnati, OH