20 Questions: Creating "Darlings"

What are the Questions?

By February 17, 2016 No Comments

“Did you write it?”

“Did you have a director?”

“How did you create the characters?”

“How did you come up with the idea?”

“So how did you make it?”

These are just some of the questions Carrie and I get from people who have seen our shows, and understandably so. We make what we like to call physical devised theatre, which is really different in terms of process from how most theatre is made. We try to use the Animal Blog as a place to educate people on all the different aspects of our work: the creating and producing and touring and performing.

This winter we are embarking on rehearsals for our latest show: Darlings. The show is a dramatic re-imagining of the Peter Pan story from the point of view of Mr. and Mrs. Darling (Wendy, Michael, and John’s parents). And that’s all we have right now, just a concept. And we find ourselves faced with our own questions:

“What is the theatrical language?”

“What is the overall structure of the show?”

“What kind of set do we need?”

“How does it start?”

“How does it end?”

“How much of the text from the book will we use?

“Who’s going to play what characters?”

“How will we adapt/edit the Peter Pan story?

And there are lots more questions than that. Sometimes it really seems like new questions pop up every day. Over time, some get answered by themselves, some pop up at the last moment, some get answered easily, and some we’ll never understand. To help wade through all this, we are excited to start this new blog series. “20 Questions” will detail how we answer all the creative questions that come up from the first concept of a new show to its first performance. You’ll hear from me, my co-star and co-creator Carrie Brown, our director Melinda Jean Ferraraccio (who you may remember directed our show “Petunia and Chicken”), and other members of the creative team.

There’s just one last thing. Are there any questions YOU the reader have about how to create a show from scratch? Please feel free to send them to info@animalengine.com and we’ll take a look. And now, without any further adieu … let’s get started!

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